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Divali is the ideal time to strengthen the bond shared with loved ones by delightful Divali Gifts. This is because Diwali is the biggest and most celebrated festival in India. Since ages people have been greeting Divali to loved ones with a box of sweets or dry fruits but in modern times people complement these with other gifts too. Ideally, Diwali Gift must depict the brightness and the joyful spirit of the festival of Diwali. Here are some wonderful Divali Gift ideas to help you decide on the perfect gift for special people in your life:

Divali Sweets / Mithai
Sweets are the traditional and most popular gift on the occasion of Divali. Before selecting Divali Mithai Gift keep in mind the choice of the person for whom the gift is meant. An attractive Divali Mithai box helps to give greater impact to your gift.

Divali Sweets Hamper
Traditional Divali Sweets accompanied by a memorable gift add joyful charm to Divali celebrations. While selecting a Divali Sweets Hamper make sure the gift has a utility value for the receiver.

Divali Pooja Thali
Divali Pooja Thali adds a divine touch to Divali celebrations. These are highly appreciated as gifts on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. Divali Puja Thali comes in various metals, shapes and sizes.

Ganesha-Laxmi Gifts
Ganesha-Laxmi Gifts are cherished on the occasion of Diwali as Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi are worshiped on Divali Festival. Images of Ganesha-Laxmi are available in various attractive and decorative forms making them a wonderful collectible.

Divali Gifts Hampers
Divali Gift Hampers are most saleable gifts in present times. These are preferred way of expressing good wishes to loved ones on joyful Diwali Festival. These are available in wide variety and price range to suit different requirements of different people.

Divali Silver Gifts
Silver Gifts are considered to be extremely auspicious on the occasion of Diwali. Silver Coin with images of Ganesha - Lakshmi besides Silver Puja Thali and sculptures of Gods and Goddesses in silver are also appreciated as Divali Gift.

Divali Diyas
Diyas are symbolic of Divali - the Festival of Lights and therefore are very much popular as Diwali Gifts. Divali Diyas are available in various artistic designs and forms in brass and silver.

Divali Candles
Divali Candles comes in innovative eye catching designs making them an awesome Diwali Gift. Artistic Divali Candles add charm to the décor and helps to brighten relationship shared with loved ones.

Divali Chocolates
Chocolates are received with mouthwatering delights on Diwali. Besides festive packs of delightful chocolates one may also gift Divali Chocolate Gift Hamper which is a combination of chocolates with memorable gifts.

Divali Lamps
Divali Lamp is an ideal gift option if you wish to charm your friends with something very ethnic and aesthetic. Divali Lamps comes in mesmerizing designs and styles and leave a lasting impression as a Divali Gift.

Divali Hanging Bells
Traditional yet extremely charming, Hanging Bells are a delightful way of greeting Divali wishes to dear ones. Divali Hanging Bells are available in splendid forms in various designs and styles and work as a wonderful decorative piece.

Divali Dry Fruits
Dry Fruits are a traditional Divali Gift since ages and are very much in vogue even in present times. Dry Fruit come packed in innovative and stylish boxes for Diwali. One may also go in for Dry Fruits Hampers which has a combination of dry fruits and gifts.

Divali Incense Sticks
Gifting the fragrance of Incense Sticks on Divali is a beautiful way to strengthen the bond of love shared with loved ones. Divali Incense Sticks come in graceful packing and bewitching aroma.

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